Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to organize private parties at Tower 47?

The location is generally reserved to business customers.

Is it possible to create an event using an external catering company?

The location’s catering is provided, very exclusively, by the acclaimed ‘Da Vittorio’ three Michelin Star restaurant.

What is the maximum capacity (Including staff and catering)?

200 people during business hours, 300 when offices are closed.

Are audio/video/lighting services provided exclusively?

Yes, such services with resident technology are provided exclusively by the Krear Company.

What insurance do I need to provide? What is the insurance limit?

Third party Public Liability insurance, with a limit of € 10,000,000.

Are there any resident furnishings?

No, but you can rent up to 300 chairs and 30 tables (180 cm diameter).

Are there instructions or requirements for loading and unloading operations?

Loading/unloading of set ups is possible by way of the Allianz loading bay, which can be reached via the underground CityLife driveway. In order to access the premises, it is necessary to provide names and vehicle number plates to be authorized entry at least 3-4 days before the event.
From the loading bay, via a freight elevator, you can directly reach the event’s floor.

How does elevator management work?

To allow guest access to Tower47, a panoramic lift (with its own code) is exclusively reserved to each event. The elevator can be requested via an external keypad located on each floor. Hence, it is advisable to provide at least one hostess on the ground floor and one on floor 47.

How many staff do we need to provide for access to the Tower and to floor 47?

For the accreditation of event guests, a specific space is provided in the high hall of the Allianz Tower, just before the turnstiles. Access to the Tower is provided via an exclusive turnstile reserved for guests, beyond which a path (delimited by TENDIFLEX posts with retractable webbing) leads to the elevator. Hence, it is advisable to provide at least one person for the desk. Allianz security will preside both the entrance and the emergency stairs on floor 47.

Is it mandatory to register each guest at reception?

Yes, all guests must be accredited via the event desk (not at the Allianz reception).

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